Monday, December 18, 2017

Image Compositing

Image Compositing is a bunch of pictures being put together to make some sort of illusionary kind of image. It is relativity similar to surrealism. Surrealism is about dreams, Nightmares, and desires. Image Comp is more like the artists imagination in combining two or more images. I myself do not know why these types of photos are created and I supposed I will never know within the time span of me typing this out. I'm not allowed to do my own research of any type to find it out so I won't say anything else about it. Even with research I still have not found a reason. For these kind of picture I can use a rule of photography called the rule of thirds. Where the subject must be in one third of the picture so it tells a story about where the subject if at or what it's going to do. To used rule of thirds is to just position the subject in the wrong place.

The picture I plan to use inside my image composition is a pinky promise. While they're doing their pinky promise one of the hands will be crossing their fingers. That hand will be blended and  composited with crushed plastic bottles. Since plastic corresponds with fake, the picture will say it's a fake promise. Plastic Promises. I got the idea from a Punk Pop song called "Plastic Promises" by Set it Off.  I can make it a rule of 3rds shot (Plan B) by adding a picture of the back and have the fingers crossed instead of having it on the pinky promise. It will either be a close up shot for the first plan A or a mid shot for the plan B with some focal point. I would like the viewer's eyes to first see the pinky promise, then look towards the plastic hand then slowly notice that the finger is crossed. It'll probably be hard since you all who have saw my presentation have been told that I will be making the fingers crossed.

ACO 3.1 Analyze how elements and principles of design in various forms of media are applied to communicate to a specific audience.
ACO 3.2 Critique how the effective integration of elements and principles of design within a variety of medium impact target audiences.
ACO 3.3 Apply elements and principles of design to clarify, focus, or enhance a message or concept for a target audience.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Visual Statement

This week/month I am doing a satirical visual statement about college. Me and my partner could not decide on what to do because we are emotionally deprived and does not want to do anything to involve expressing ourselves. So there is nothing about fitting in and or being depressed (We as teenagers have nothing real to be depressed about after all it's "just a phase"-mom) We didn't have a real topic that we had liked to do so we had decided to look stuff up and choose one that sounds good. So to us, as high schoolers, the topic of college seemed to be a safe subject to choose. Our project goal was to make a video 2-3 minutes long that's quality could be broad casted on air. I, personally, have high doubts that it could. We of course need to have hip background music for this project so we can make our own in Garage band or get some Royalty free Music. On my team I have decided to work with the other Michael. It has been the first time I have ever worked with the person *GASP* I know it's such a surprise not working before with someone who has the same name. He is the lead writer/editor of this project. He was the one who had made this project very satirical. He has done a lot in this project so far.(WE HAVE ONLY THE SCRIPT DONE!!!) I feel very pale in contrast to the great Alpha Michael.

We have to edit our Visual Statement on a program called Final Cut Pro X. I am completely new to editing so once again the Alpha Michael will be taking the place as editor. Even though he's the editor of the Visual Statement I had to learn some on the side to see if I can help or if it will appear on a later project. I had to learn it with all the other students in the class. I was taught about shortcuts that I am to lazy to list, BUT there are quite a few. I was also taught about the different Final Cut Pro editing techniques, which includes graphic match cuts, jump cuts,  and color isolation. I believe that in our project the visuals are better than the audio. Mainly because there may be some wind blowing inside our audio and that takes a lot out of the total quality of it. I'm not to sure because the editor may have gotten that out somehow.
(made it somehow)
The biggest challenge when doing this project was probably meeting up with Michael Anderson. It was hard when he is always so busy with his social life and his extracurriculars. He had to skip out of wrestling in order to free some time so we can actually film him for the video since he is the *star* of visual statement. The way that the team worked was me pushing Michael to take the lead letting him be in charge. I just wanted to follow with a camera and film what we need to do. I felt like he was the main leading force in this project. He was the one who had took the initiative to come to my house and help work on the project. He had skipped out on wresting. He had done a whole lot of editing. He truly is the Alpha Michael as I feel pretty pale in contrast and dragging him down. Although I feel bad for the type of work I have given birth to I must say that I had a "blast". It was really fun working with the other Michael while we have a lot of b roll film where we had messed around a lot. The results from the critique by the way has kinda shocked me. I suspected a few ones but we had never gotten any and had been given twos, threes, and even 7 fours (Highest score). If we still had more time to do things I'd probably redo the audio and some visuals.

ACO 5.1 Apply problem-solving techniques to create deliverables that address the needs of a client or target audience.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Modern Art Movement

Today I have done an Modern Arts Movement Project. I was panicking and nervous as per usual. My legs felt like jelly and my stomach full of lead. (No I wasn't shot in the gut in a black and white film with a Tommy gun.) Luckily I was not alone. I was accompanied by my dear friend Lester. The Modern Art Movement I had to present was Surrealism which was strongly influenced by the Dada art movement which was rising up during WWI. Dada art was used to slap some labels on art that would mock other topics, but during WWI it was mostly used to mock other countries. It was influenced by many different types of art movements and led to a huge range of art types. When it ended Surrealism took it's place. Surrealism gave birth to new ways make movies or just plain ideas. It gave a new approach of things. Artists in this movement was all about self exploration and connecting your reality and imagination together in harmony. I think this whole movement is very interesting and intriguing.
The Lovers, 1928. Rene Margitte
Rene Magritte had created this painting in 1928.  It is called The Lovers. I do not know for certain what he was trying to achieve in his oil canvas, but as the Internet say it is very thought provoking and mysterious. I myself also believe in that as well. Artists of course can change some one's opinion on how they view things. It can probably change some one's life somehow one of these days. I mean they way they draw something, the things they may draw could change how they see things. For example if they drew of something gruesome then maybe it could be able to scar someone or change how they see things. Technology can be used to spread that gruesome picture making more people scared. Technology can also make much more realistic paintings and the such. Thou, you need to have much skill to be able to draw with it.

ACO 1.1 Assess the evolution of art forms for their impact on the arts and communication industry.
ACO 1.2 Evaluate the interaction among media, design and society to assess how each influences the other.
ACO 1.3 Evaluate innovative applications of media and design in society that have impacted the arts and communication industry.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Workplace Safety

My team had to make a safety video with the length of 60-90 seconds. The first two days or so we hadn't done anything towards the script until we had requested the holy guidance of "Michael's words" the great Sanderl God. He then showed us the way and we decided to walk the path he had decided for us. For he is the all knowing. He told us about how to prevent some injuries that may happen in school (improper walking, sitting, and etc). We then started to work diligently on our script. We had to do "Preparing for high risk activity and injuries" as our topic. My teammates were my team captain Tara and the editor/director Anijah. They were nice people to work with; I felt pretty timid working with them. I heavily felt that Anijah had pulled us through pretty far. She pretty much helped with her opinion in which shots to take and where to take it. She had also edited our video as well as our audio to the extreme. I believe that she had did the most work out of my whole team.

I learned that I have been doing things wrongs, my whole life. Sitting, walking, and climbing stairs all incorrectly. I have always been slouching slightly or walking in a way that would seem a bit improper "to put into nice words for myself". I haven't been holding the railing at all when I'm  "jogging" with a spring in my step up the stairs. At least I am aware of how to properly do those things  now. The highest score in the evaluation for this project is the Entertainment Value. It has gotten 3.9 out of 4 where it was 2 votes away from being a 4. I'm not exactly sure if this has anything to do with my falling down the stairs.  The lowest score we got was a 3.1 out of 4 in the Clarity of Audio. We had made the audio and video separate so we had to edit in the audio and cut a bunch of visuals to make it fit. It was quite troublesome. If we were to do something better as a team I would've helped with the editing and try not to stutter more to improve our audio.

ACO 7.1 Analyze the beneficial effects that safe and healthy work habits have on productivity that improve workplace efficiency.
ACO 7.2 Apply practices to maintain a safe and healthy work environment in relation to careers in the Arts and Communication Pathway.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Art & Design

This time I have made my digital Still Life Painting. Where I have taken a royalty free picture and had outlined the ones I could in photoshop. The Elements in side my painting is Line, Value, Texture, Form, and occasionally space. I have used line to outline the objects. Giving it Shape and space. I have then used lines to create Value and Texture by making different shapes/scribbles and the amount of lines I have put on there to give it a feeling of shadows. The more scribbles(texture) in the same place the more it seem to be darker(value). BUT I have sadly, not finished my Still Life Painting. I had spent way too much time to straighten out my lines and ended up not completing it. I am sorry to say, but I have no excuses.

Image from my friend: Darius Foster

I do not know where my friend had taken this picture. In this landscape image, I have changed this picture from a picture full of color into a picture of black and white with various shades of value. This picture also has form, space, and texture. I have done all of the basic beginning tutorial and then began to kick it up a notch. I added the sandstone texture to give it a paper effect and started to fiddle with my blur and other options. I don't think that the changes I have done had made much of a different overall.

This portrait photo I'm using is of the other Michael, Michael John Anderson, and it was taken at the school right outside of the D building where I, Michael, has taken the photo myself. He looks very bashful and embarrassed or either very edgy depends on how you view it. I don't know what this picture means to me. I just took this picture of this other Michael as a joke. IN this portrait picture it shows ALL of the elements of art. Line, Shape, Form, Value, Space, Texture, and Color. On the left shows Form, Value, and more texture than the line drawing side. Color in the center piece. Shape and space is on the right. The results of the critique for the all my pictures was expected. I have not completed my picture. The second was . . . eh. The third was better because I supposed I have sharpened my skills and made things a bit more refined. I'm quite pleased by this score. . . I generally have low standards.

ACO 3.1 Analyze how elements and principles of design in various forms of media are applied to communicate to a specific audience. Elements of Art: Space, Line, Color, Shape, Texture, Form, Value.
ACO 3.2 Critique how the effective integration of elements and principles of design within a variety of medium impact target audiences. Gestalt Theory: Similarity, Continuation, Closure, Proximity, Figure and ground
ACO 3.3 Apply elements and principles of design to clarify, focus, or enhance a message or concept for a target audience. Principles of Design: Scale, Proportion, Unity, Balance, Harmony, Contrast, Repetition, Variety, Emphasis)

Friday, September 8, 2017

Audio Production

Intonation and inflection are generally used in everyday lives to make entertainment more interesting. Add inflection to give your stories EMOTIONS and change the mood of it. Add intonation to give some life inside your voice instead of being a monotone robot. Inside this assignment I was a vocal talent. I tried my best to add intonation and inflection. I was the Radio Host of Garden Island News at Fm 97.4. I had to say my part and do the questions 5 and 8 as well as help only a little in the script. I am not a magical word smith with a silver tongue with the ability to entice the entire audience. We have not did any rehearsals due to the tight scheduling and the our laziness. We did not have enough time to do it over and over again. So we have only did one take with no rehearsals.

The results from the critique I was given was somewhat expected. Just a bit above what I have would've thought. We didn't do any rehearsals after all and did it in one take. I believe some of the faults was because of me. I haven't replied in time and I have stuttered and stammered in most of my parts. I believe my team had did a decent job in communicating a specific message to the audience. My group didn't do much things including me. The only one who did the heavy lifting was the team leader. I tried a little but got discouraged along the way. My team was messing around a bit. If I had to do the project with the same people, I would probably try to actually voice out my opinion a bit more while hold back the little details and try to help with the script more. I would like it if the team actually communicated some more. Except for those I suppose that my team did ok.

ACO 5.1 Apply problem-solving techniques to create deliverables that address the needs of a client or target audience.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Proprietary Information

Image from: royalty images

Copyright infringement is taking some one's work with out giving them the credit to it or takes too much information, cutting the value of the original work. You can get by through copyright infringement if you either take information the author themselves do not mind and give credit towards them. You can also meet up with the author them self for permission. Fair Use in copyright infringement is basically using some one's work while having a considerably fair amounts of fairness. For example, do not take a few pages from a single book, but take only a sentence and a few from multiply while giving credit. There is also doing parodies like fan art, comics, cartoons, etc.

Confidentiality is keeping certain things secret and private. Private things such as your phone number, Home address, Credit card number, Etc. On social media it is a must to censor a lot of information because many people you don't know may be able to view it. That is how identity theft, stalking, theft, and many more incidents may occur. On social media it is also important to censor what content you post out. Although the 1st amendment gives out the freedom of speech, you still shouldn't post anything that should disturb or trouble anyone. Also by the 5th amendment it gives you the right to be able to do things in private and kept confidential.

ACO 6.1: Analyze the use of copyright and proprietary information in arts and communication to facilitate responsible, legal and ethical behavior.

ACO 6.2: Examine ethical issues in arts and communications to make appropriate decisions related to clients, co-workers and society.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Market Shifts

A market is a place where people gather to buy anything that they would desire. A market may shift their products from time to time to match all the consumer's desires. If they do not manage to their profit and sales will most likely plummet down towards the toilet. It all really depends on the type of store, but all I'm really focusing on right now is the tech stores. For example, every few years there is some new different type of Iphone, Samsung, or Android coming out. Every place selling the old Phones will most likely swap it out with the new ones in a heartbeat. Like when Microsoft had made updated from windows 7-8 right towards 10 and it had changed everything. Things started to come one after another, like touch screen on the computer, a fold able laptop was then made, and newer models made from and for windows ten. The markets then started to sell more of them as there were a place full of just windows computers with windows 10 on it.

In the website, Choices360, I have completed the Basic Skills Survey. On that survey I have only a medium range of all the skills displayed there. Where the highest in the medium range is 5 and the lowest is 2 but the lowest I have gotten was a 3. The top skill I have, currently at the moment, is apparently learning strategies with the score of 5. I believe that I should develop my Critical thinking  a bit more since it is at the rank is at 3 which is one of the lowest I have gotten and also my reading comprehension which is only at a rank 5. I just only need to improve it up a rank. That will get me to have just enough qualifications to be a computer programmer and actually be able to do my dream job and as a computer programmer in a developing world that is advancing with every second programmers would be needed everywhere. There isn't always a surplus of programmers and people are always in need of one and a good one at that. So whenever the Market shifts in a way then it wouldn't affect us much while we just need to build more advance and complicated coding.

ACO 2.1 Analyze how shifts in market affect changes to media and design.
ACO 2.2 Evaluate how changing communication needs of a market are addressed by media and design.
ACO 2.3 Propose media and design solutions that address the changing needs in global markets.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Communication Strategies

Like everyone else, the way I communicate with certain people varies from one another. It has a contrast from the amount of casualness and slang I have with my friends to the politeness I have during work towards the customers and higher ups in society. With my friends I have this closeness with them that I would say what I would like to say and they would say what they would say. Sometimes If I'm not supposed to say anything to them I'd mouth to them across the classroom asking a question. With teachers I'd try my best to avoid trouble and give them a quick response with a somewhat nervous expression. With my family I'd not express my feelings through words but with my posture and facial expression. I speak the most comfortably with my friends and occasionally with my family. I don't feel very comfortable with anyone else and I would fidget until I get somewhat use to them.

In the website Choices360's Career Cluster Survey, I have gotten Manufacturing and Health Science as my top two. Manufacturing focuses mainly on building or making products which requires a repetitive and neat system. Which may just be what I am into because I love doing short, repetitive things. Health Science is dealing with patients and or researching anything that has to do with a human's health. Like finding cures and ways to fix certain problems a person may have through out their life. I am not to sure about this job pathway on researching how to fix people's problems. These Career Clusters actually surprised me. I have never expected to get Health Science or have ever had a thought of going into Manufacturing.

ACO 4.1: Devise communication strategies to promote individual accountability and team success.
ACO 4.2: Use effective oral, written, and non-verbal communication skills to facilitate positive interactions.
ACO 4.3: Apply appropriate interpersonal skills to establish positive and sustained relationships with clients.